About the Artist

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Sherri Wolfgang

Painter Sherri Wolfgang is known for her figurative works, which draw on Renaissance painting traditions in combination with Old Master painting techniques. Born in New York City, she received a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, followed by graduate studies at New York University.

Wolfgang has received critical acclaim for her series statement paintings: Crazy Making, on mental illness; Twisted, on women and cosmetic surgery; Nick.e.lo.de.on, figurative work featuring a male dancer with 16th century mannerist aesthetics; and her most recent series, American Pathos, which examines the millennial generation’s place in society through the lens of Renaissance aesthetic sensibilities. Wolfgang frequently portrays her figures as examinations of various male and female archetypes found in visual culture, with a caricatured sexuality and studied emotions. Across her work, she applies different subject matter and genres that she has passionately pursued: Anatomy and Figure, Expressionism, Portraiture, Self Portrait, and the interplay of light, color and texture as originated by the Dutch Masters. Her recent work has been created with a wide variety of media, including charcoal, conté, graphite, oil, resins on canvas, paper, and linen.

In 1983, Wolfgang founded a successful illustration studio, The Dynamic Duo Studio, Inc. Through the years, The Dynamic Duo Studio won numerous industry awards for its covers for The New York Times Magazine, Worth, Barrons, Time, Forbes, Business Week, Der Spiegel, among other recognition for work that appeared in national and international newspapers. In addition, illustrations from The Dynamic Duo Studio have been the centerpiece for some of the most famous advertising campaigns in the U.S. (including campaigns from Coca-Cola, IBM, Burger King, Reebok, NBC, Nike, MTV, and Nickelodeon, among others). Although Wolfgang’s early commercial career revolved around illustration, she has always maintained her fine art roots in traditional painting.

Wolfgang has exhibited at Dacia Gallery, The Housatonic Museum of Art, William Ris Gallery, Silvermine Arts Gallery, and City Lights Gallery, among other exhibitions nationally.

Wolfgang’s work is currently represented by Dacia Gallery. Wolfgang's studio is in Westport, Connecticut.