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The Artios Gallery and The Pushkin Society of Art


Studio Visit Magazine 2018

Volume 42

A juried magazine that connects Artists work with  Art museums, Curators, Collectors of Fine Art, and varied Galleries.

Cafè Ali


Fine Art Connoisseur

American Millennial Dreams

Themes of youth, beauty, strength, and the aging of the body are all explored during a solo exhibition of paintings by Sherri Wolfgang. Wolfgang showcases two complete series of figurative works, steeped in tradition and technical expertise....

Hamptons Art Hub

Figurative Paintings by Sherri Wolfgang Explore Body Image at Housatonic Museum of Art

A graceful male dancer in an array of choreographic poses; giddy, half-naked women marred and scarred by cosmetic surgery; a handsome young couple with festive attire but concerned expressions. These are the characters that comprise “Sherri Wolfgang: SOLO,” an exhibition of 23 oil paintings filling the Burt Chernow Galleries at the Housatonic Museum of Art....

News Talk AM1490 WGCH

Kim Burns and Co-Host Meredith Bach interview Sherri Wolfgang about her Exhibit at the Housatonic Museum of Art and her career as an artist.


Painter Sherri Wolfgang featured at Housatonic Museum of Art

Two complete series of figurative works — exploring youth, beauty, strength and the aging of the human body — by Westport’s Sherri Wolfgang will be on view at the Housatonic Museum of Art, in Bridgeport, through July...


Westport Magazine

Painting Out Loud

June 6, 2017 – Artist Sherri Wolfgang is astonishing, as will be affirmed at her upcoming solo show at the Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport. Her two-part series exhibit, “Nick.E.LO.DE.ON” and “Twisted,” opens on June 15 and runs through July 31....

CT Post

Housatonic Museum of Art Presents Sherri Wolfgang: SOLO

June 6, 2017 – The Housatonic Museum of Art located on 900 Lafayette Blvd. in Bridgeport is hosting a new show featuring the work of painter Sherri Wolfgang from June 1 – July 31. There will be an opening reception on June 15 from  5:30 p.m. -8 p.m. in the Burt Chernow Galleriese...

Westport Minuteman

Westport artist Sherri Wolfgang ready for her close-up, again

June 6, 2017 – The artist Sherri Wolfgang is radiant. Normally energetic, enthusiastic and voluble, these days she is even more so.

Nevertheless she took time out to talk about her solo exhibition titled “NICK.E.LO.DE.ON. and TWISTED” which will open June 15 at the Housatonic Museum of Art....

89.5FM WPKN - State of the ARTS

Listen to the interview with Sherri Wolfgang about her exhibit at Housatonic Museum of Art on State of the ARTS.

Greenwich Patch

Opening Reception-Westport painter, Sherri Wolfgang, at Housatonic Art Museum June 15 to July 31

Carnegie Mellon University Alumni

Featuring Phillip Pearlstein and Sherri Wolfgang


Sherri Wolfgang BFA '83 presents her first solo exhibition Jun 1 - Jul 31 at the Housatonic Art Museum, Bridgeport, MA, with an opening reception Jun 15 from 5:30-8pm.

Fairfield Living – Sherri Wolfgang Solo Painting Exhibit at Housatonic Art Museum

Sherri Wolfgang’s solo exhibition of life size oil paintings will include two of her most recent series. “Nick.el.od.eon,” inspired by the earliest movies which were short, flickering images creating the illusion of motion capturing individual “frames” of a dancer with the contrast of shadow and light celebrating the wonder of the human body and expression.

Pamela Einarsen Photography – Art of Your Life

I have had many inquiries lately for people wanting to give their businesses a personality. Interesting, great-quality images make a business stand apart. Sherri Wolfgang is a local artist who is making a new website and needed images for social media. We first photographed her large paintings. She also wanted environmental portraits so we did a shoot which celebrated her connection to her art. I love helping people tell the story of their business. You can see some of my other branding projects on my new online magazine: Pamela Einarsen Branding Photography.

Westport Arts Center – November 11, 2016

This Juried exhibition is the second phase of MORE Than Words, centered on the theme of courage, resilience and empowerment in the face of bullying.


CT Post - August 18, 2011

Struggles with mental illness, eating disorders depicted through art at City Lights


My Experience with Anxiety & Depression


Time - 2004 - Volume 163, Issues 19-26 - Page 65 

FOUR YEARS, FIVE OF THEM THIS YEAR ALONE Illustration for TIME by The Dynamic Duo Studio, Inc. store cut prices with overseas sourcing. 


Vibe - Aug 2003 - Vol. 11, No. 8, Page 34

The Dynamic Duo (Arlen Schumer, 45, and his wife Sherri Wolfgang, 41) fired up this month's cover with a larger-than-life illustration of Ludacris ("The Fast Track," page 94).

Vibe - Dec 2000 - Vol. 8, No. 10, Page 154



Vibe - Aug 1999 - Vol. 6, No. 10, Page 106

Grown Ass Woman Power - Missy Elliot  - Illustration by the Dynamic Duo Studio.

Color: Building Great Designs with Color - Joyce Rutter Kaye - 1998 - Page 49

Design & Line Art: Arlen Schumer Color: Sherri Wolfgang Wham! A star-spangled flag motif in red, white, and blue puts an all-American spin on a speaker luncheon event about comicbook art in the 1960s by illustrator/historian Arlen Schumer.

Step by Step Graphic magazine - Volume 13 number 5

September 1997  Pages 92 - 99
The Colorful Half Sherri Wolfgang


Comic-book Superstars -  Don Thompson, ‎Maggie Thompson - 1993 - Page 60

The Dynamic Duo Inc. (Arlen Schumer and Sherri Wolfgang) # The Dynamic Duo Inc. (Arlen Schumer and Sherri Wolfgang).  

Artist's Market, 1991 - Lauri Miller - Page 7

COMIC POWER The Dynamic Duo Studio New York, New York Comic artists Arlen Schumer and Sherri Wolfgang, who bill themselves as the Dynamic Duo, believe that the potential of comic art in advertising and editorial illustration has ...

Step-by-step Graphics - Volume 13, Issues 4-6 - Page 95

"Sometimes a client asks for flat color," says Sherri Wolfgang, the colorist of the team, "but that's not what we're known for. And I always wonder why anyone would want a color job when they can get a painting." 

Good Housekeeping - 1989 - Volume 209 - Page 70

Illustrated by the Dynamic Duo Studio. Inc 

BM/E: The Magazine of Broadcast Management/engineering - 1989

On the cover: The cover illustration is by the husband-and-wife team of Arlen Schumer and Sherri Wolfgang (Arlen is the designer and Sherri is the color artist) : The Dynamic Duo Studio, Inc. 30 Gauging T&M Needs BME MAY 1989 VOL.

American Illustration Showcase - Volume 16, Issue 2 - Page 1177 - 1993

... (I), Steve Spelman, (l, P), Drew Struzan, (I), Michael Witte, (I), Sherri Wolfgang, ( I), Craig Zuckerman, (I) Ray, Marlye/350 Central Pk W 212-222-7680 Bill Ray, (P) Reactor Worldwide lnc/156 Fifth Ave #508 212-633-0465 Jamie Bennett, (I), ...

Die Kunst des Spiegel: Titel-Illustrationen aus fünf ... (The Art of Mirror: cover illustrations from five decades)- Page 182 - Stefan Aust, ‎Stefan Kiefer - 2004

ier übernimmt seine Partnerin Sherri Wolfgang. Die 1 96 1 in New York geborene Künstlerin koloriert die Arbeiten digital. Arlen Schumer und Sherri Wolfgang arbeiteten beide in einer Werbeagentur, bevor sie sich 1986 als The Dynamic Duo Studio.


Promotion - Page 37 - Stephen Knapp - 1995

Art Director Arlen Schumer Designer Arlene Schumer Illustrator The Dynamic Duo, Inc. Design & Line Art Arlen Schumer Color Sherri Wolfgang Client Self Promotional Green Lantern © D.C. Comics 1970 Event Announcement for Japan.

Fresh Ideas in Invitations, Posters & Announcements - Page 119 - Gail Deibler Finke - 1998

Rad Rider studio The Dynamic Duo Studio client Inland Empire Health Plan agency AL+Z Advertising designer Arlen Schumer BLACK AND WHITE ILLUSTRATOR Arlen Schumer hand-lettering Arlen Schumer computer color Sherri Wolfgang ...

Art Direction - Volume 39 - Page 52 - 1987

AD/I1- lust: Arlen Schumer; Illust: Sherri Wolfgang; CDs: Fred Seibert, Alan Goodman, Mark Tomizawa; CWs: Alan Goodman, Arlen Schumer, Dom Fiora- vanti; Agency: Fred/Alan Inc.; Prod Co: Colossal; Dir: Tim Boxell. The Cuckoo Bird and ...